Words Don’t Come Easy To Me

Lately I’ve been thinking about this writing bug deeply embedded in the very innards of my being.

I always tell people I am not a serious writer

I would barely qualify as a failed writer let alone a mediocre one.

In the words of FR David , words don’t come easy to me, and when they do they are often few and far between.

So how do I find the words these days?


I think I just may have hit the mother-load on this one.

Remember that invisible mental filter ?

The one that prevents our mental diarrhea from being translated into verbal compost? (except for an elite few)

Well my invisible filter has now been trained (by ninjas) to redirect this mental diarrhea onto paper instead of spoken words.

This has taken some time and effort but has been quite a liberating and interesting experience.

I’ve been practicing this Mental Martial Art exercise through “free association writing”

If you want to know more you can read all about it here

Making sense of the virtual torrent of nonsensical thoughts, that flow from my head, has taken a while

BUT I’ve decided that I would choose a flood over drought any day.









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