There’s Something about Gary

I am not easily moved

Skepticism and cynicism are my bosom buddies. They run deep in my veins.  In my personal life, during an emotional crisis, they are my lifeline to sanity. They are also life savers in my muggle world work-life where I get to witness human depravity and sadness at its best.

But there is definitely SOMETHING about Gary Vaynerchuk .

I don’t know if it is his high-pitched hustle or his piercing gaze that seems to say “f*k you” to all the world without so much as batting an eyelid. After much cyber-stalking and late night viewing of his GaryVee  YouTube vlog I am now convinced that Gary has figured out where the holy grail of successful entrepreneurship is at.

I’m not a big fan of the world “hustle”. To me a hustler always suggested someone dubious and conniving. Someone who could not be trusted. Someone who would sell their mother for a dime.

Then along came Gary with his wine library, his vlogs and his motor-mouth. Gary is an acquired taste. His brand of straight talking isn’t for everyone. He made a lot of sense to me though. His idea of hustling was hard work and patience combined with smart moves. Now THAT – I could understand. And THAT – I could identify with.

So what did this loudmouth Russian immigrant have to offer someone with an urge to write?

A few things about the GaryVee speak struck me as possible ways to do things differently as a writer:

  • A better understanding social media as a tool rather than a mere source of entertainment
  • Creating an audience and followers by giving more than you get in return and providing useful/helpful information on your area of expertise. In short what I want to write about would be irrelevant if no one wanted to read about it or if my content was bland
  • Seeing myself as a writer-preneur than just a mere writer . Jennifer Blanchard talks about it rather well.
  • Remaining generously patient about ultimate outcomes but moving at lightning speed to achieve immediate goals that help reach that ultimate outcome

My night time persona as a closet writer has not been very spectacular but I have to admit that Gary’s ideas have given me a much needed kick in my pants to make more of my writing ambitions and created a shift in the way I’ve been thinking about the things I write about.

But do not be fooled.

Gary Vaynerchuk is not off the hook as far as my skepto-meter goes – I watch him closely- almost wishing he wouldn’t be that dead right.

I see you Gary . My eyes are on you like a hawk.








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  1. hahaha…the last one is awesome….

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